Hi, I’m Avi Hochman

The wealth of experience that I accumulated over many years in a multi-disciplinary management career, both in Israel and abroad, serves me today in consulting, teaching, lecturing, and offering success counseling to large and small businesses striving to change and grow.

I currently also serve as:

Chair and board member of leading companies;

Member of the Israeli Directors’ Union, participating in the Union’s mentoring program;

Member of the Appeals Committee for land taxation in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Regional Courts, and have certification and a diploma in Arbitration from The Israeli Chamber of Arbitrators

Mentor and coach using the Satia Method, which deals with relationships, learning and self-awareness;

Expert-consultant panel member on Shoot” – the Disputes Program, on Radio Tel Aviv 102 FM.

The extensive experience and expertise I gained as CEO, Chairman of the Board, CFO and Business Consultant encompass several sectors, including services, communications, banking, information systems, infrastructure, and finance. I have managed businesses in various fields and dealt with a broad range of issues, including strategy definition, business and work plans, budget planning, administrative, financial, and budget control, real-estate, employee management, labor relations, labor unions, crisis management, funding and raising capital, onboarding investors, and more.

I specialize in consulting and business counseling for a wide variety of businesses and a broad array of domains. I have successfully led processes of corporate recovery, change, growth, profitability improvement, strategic focusing, and financial restructuring, all leading to economic gains.

These proven successes qualify me to be involved in business recovery processes, overcome crises, and assist businesses to develop and prosper, while combining my extensive business management experience with my personal professional skills.

Learning the Satya Method has helped me execute the change I sought, to know myself and recognize my body’s responses, and to understand how I desire to live the rest of my life. This Satya transformation has brought me tranquility, serenity and peacefulness that I had never known or felt before. Furthermore, I realized that withdrawing from the career race is a gift I received from the universe, enabling me to be self-aware, calm and free.

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