Hi, I'm Avi

Businesses with a clear path and direction are more successful.

The structured process of building a personal and business strategy and smart management aided by a specialist consultant can make the difference in bringing your enterprise to new peaks of success.

I bring my expertise to the table:

  • Extensive and rich professional life experience and considerable knowledge;
  • Broad vision and ability to listen;
  • Ability to lead complex projects;
  • Proficiency with large-scale and multi-system structures;
  • Fast analytic perception and implementation;
  • Creative problem solving;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and down to earth communication with all.

Working Together Process

We can hone and enhance analytical and business processes in the enterprise using the toolkit which I built and polished over the years. This toolkit evolved and developed with the abundant experience and expertise I acquired as CEO, board chair, CFO, and business consultant in many domains, such as services, communications, banking, information systems, infrastructure, and finance.

Working together, this can serve us to achieve success via one or more of the following:

  • Focusing business activities
  • Analyzing the financial situation
  • Developing and implementing recovery and change plans
  • Improving work processes and increasing efficiency
  • Establishing strategies for business development
  • Developing company resources (including the human resource)
  • Building employee teams and developing team spirit and motivation
  • Determining the financial structure and restructuring
  • Risk analysis
  • Building business plans
  • Creating, implementing, and tracking short- and long-term work plans

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